Monday, August 28, 2023

How is Finance minister elected in India?


How is Finance minister Appointed in India?

The Finance Minister in India is not chosen by public vote. The Prime Minister appoints the Finance Minister, who serves in the Union Cabinet. 

The Finance Minister is typically chosen from among the elected Members of Parliament (MPs) who are a part of the coalition or political party that holds the majority of seats in the Lok Sabha, the Indian Parliament's lower house. This choice is made by the Prime Minister taking into account the candidate's qualifications, political concerns, and experience.

In India, the procedure for choosing a finance minister is not spelt down in a single legislation. Instead, it is based on the rules and traditions set down in the constitution, which control how the Union Cabinet is formed. 

The Prime Minister of India has the authority to advise the President on the nomination of additional ministers, including the Finance Minister, according to the Indian Constitution. 

Articles 74 of Indian Constitution states that there shall be a council of ministers, led by the Prime Minister, to assist and advise the President, who'shall' act in accordance with such advice in the performance of his powers.

 Article 75 of the Indian Constitution states Prime minister is appointed by the President. The other ministers are appointed by the President on the advise of the Prime Minister.


The particular process for choosing a finance minister is dependent on the political customs and standards upheld in the nation.

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